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Finding Wealth In Unexpected Places consists of a series of "eye-openers" on the often hidden flow of wealth that goes on every day all around us.  The range of topics include real estate, stocks, precious metals, bonds, money, inflation, taxes, and investment strategies.  The common focus of each chapter is on the little understood redistributions of wealth that occur in each of those areas between individual investors, banks, other sophisticated institutional investors, and governments.

The economic and financial world operates on multiple levels, most of which are not fully understood by the general public.  The sum result is that the odds are stacked against individual investors in a much more comprehensive way than most people are aware.

The good news is that when armed with knowledge – individuals gain the ability to not only protect themselves, but to also find new sources of wealth in unexpected places.  Indeed, the real returns associated with these sometimes counterintuitive sources of wealth can substantially exceed the usual investment alternatives – because they work with the underlying flow of wealth, rather than against it.

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Learn how inflation can be used by individuals in an unexpected manner to directly take wealth from corporations & other individuals.



Learn how millions of people unknowingly used asset/liability management principles to create the biggest financial windfall of their lives – in an unexpected manner that few understand to this day.



Study the little known and unexpected mechanism that governments use to confiscate wealth from retirement & other stock investors on a wholesale basis.



Learn how to tap directly into the #1 long-term source of real estate wealth – an unexpected source which is not understood by most real estate investors.



Uncover the hidden mechanism that governments use to take wealth from bond investors and savers on a wholesale basis.



Most people routinely pay real taxes on phantom income without realizing it.  Learn how to (quite legally) reverse the relationship, and pay phantom taxes on real income.



Understand the hidden tools that governments use to confiscate wealth from unsuspecting precious metals investors.



Uncover the hidden mechanism that banks use to take wealth from retirement investors on a fantastic scale – and how to turn this to your personal benefit.



Most people spend a lifetime struggling to swim upstream against the current of inflation as it steadily erodes the purchasing power of savings and investments. Learn how to easily float downstream with the current instead, so that the higher the rate of inflation, the greater the after-inflation wealth.


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