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"Inflation is not a reduction in real wealth for a nation – but a redistribution of the rights to that wealth among its citizens.   Those who lose wealth often pay taxes for the privilege, while the wealth gains can be tax-free."

If you don’t fully understand the implications of the statements above:

Then it is your savings that will likely be getting redistributed;

You are likely exposed to the one-two combination of lost real wealth and increased taxes; and

You can benefit greatly from the free book "Turning Inflation Into Wealth Mini-Course" (delivered in chapters via e-mail).

Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons to fear a return of substantial inflation in the United States, ranging from a nation that can’t pay for the retirement promises made to Baby Boomers, to a nation that can’t pay for the goods it buys every day from other nations, to a nation that is currently creating vast sums of money out of thin air to fund out-of-control government spending.

The free Mini-Course is essential reading for anyone who is concerned about inflation dangers, but there are some people who need this knowledge more than others.

The people most at risk from inflation are savers, investors & retirees.

If you are planning on living off of investment earnings during a current or upcoming retirement, particularly during the time the Baby Boom is retiring – you have the highest level of inflation risk of any segment of the population, and should consider the inflation mini-course to be essential financial survival reading.

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What Will I Learn From This Book?

The course takes some of the most important materials from an extensive collection of articles, reports and books, and presents them in a focused, logical sequence of bite-sized chunks – an average of around ten to fifteen minutes per reading.  You receive a brief e-mail every one to four days, each with a link to the actual reading for that day.  Each reading builds on the knowledge and information contained in previous readings, and the goal is that by the time you finish the course – your perspective on inflation and long-term investing will be transformed.  You will not only more clearly see the dangers, you will also understand opportunities you never saw before.

You will learn how to Turn Inflation Into Wealth on a long-term & tax-advantaged basis. 


You will learn how to prosper with a plunging dollar, even as the purchasing power of the portfolios of many millions of other savers are destroyed.


“Your series has been brilliant! It has really opened my eyes.  You really brought home how powerful inflation and taxation were together. Wow! We are Australian, but much the same forces operate here.”


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“Thank you for publishing your mini-course.  It is extremely enlightening. I appreciate your generosity in sharing the information in your readings”   


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